About Young Money

Young Money has over 15 years experience helping schools to plan and teach children and young people how to manage their money now and in the future.

Young Money (formerly pfeg) is part of Young Enterprise, and together we are the UK’s leading charity that empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills. We are a specialist ‘one stop shop’ for students and teachers, empowering young people to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need for work and in life.

Young Money's vision is a society in which all children and young people have the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage their money well, now and in the future. Young Money's mission is to support education providers in giving children and young people the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage money.  We do this by:

  • Influencing policy and practice
  • Supporting educators in teaching money matters with confidence
  • Providing education resources that will engage and inspire.

What we do

  • Work with schools - Young Money delivers a range of free resources and support to make teaching money management easy.  We know that each school, academy or college is unique and needs to find its own solution to meeting the requirements of its learners.   We believe that trained teachers provide the most effective route to young people becoming financially capable as they know their pupils best and understand how to integrate personal finance education into lessons. Find out more about our services for teachers, including our FREE Advisory Service
  • Influence education policy and improving practice - Young Money works with Westminster and Whitehall, opinion formers and key bodies to campaign for consistent, high quality personal finance education. Find out more.
  • Work in partnership to improve the quality and quantity of personal finance education - Young Money receives cross sector support from education, business and government.  Innovative projects enable young people to learn in ways that are relevant and engaging, supporting teachers to become more confident and competent.  The Young Money Quality Mark ensures that teachers can use resources, sure in the knowledge that they will meet educational objectives. Find out more.

Why are we needed?

The case for young people to leave school able to be in control of their money and to plan for the future has never been stronger.  Children and young people encounter money earlier and earlier, spending and saving their pocket money, mobile phones, pre-paid cards and part time jobs.  Crucial decisions have to be taken about student loans, getting a job or living independently.  We owe it to the next generation to invest in their future.

What we offer

  • Teaching resources, video clips and case studies – free to order or download
  • The Young Money Quality Mark - an assessment process to ensure the quality of financial education resources being produced by organisations external to Young Money. It is a trusted sign of excellence amongst teachers.
  • CPD training to equip teachers with the tools and resources to teach quality financial education 
  • Workshops for young people - interactive workshops from KS1 to KS4 and beyond to teach your students about money
  • My Money Week - an annual themed activity week for schools across England
  • Advisory Service – free, expert, practical financial education advice for anyone teaching children and young people about money - through telephone, e-mail, social media and webinars 
  • Termly e-newsletter -  sent to over 40,000 people and gives information on all the latest resources and financial education initiatives - sign up to the e-newsletter
  • Innovative projects - that aim to increase the quantity and quality of finance education.

Our values

At Young Money, our values are really important to us:

  • we are ambitious in our commitment to make a difference to the lives of young people through financial education
  • we are the trusted experts and lead with experience, confidence and knowledge
  • we are innovative, creative, receptive, energetic and not afraid to take risks
  • we believe we will achieve more together and are working to build a stronger sector through partnerships
  • we are flexible, transparent and helpful
  • we are passionate and determined about achieving our goals to create a sustainable legacy.

Young Enterprise

Young Money (formerly pfeg) merged with Young Enterprise in 2014. Young Enterprise offers practical programmes to help young people develop skills they cannot learn from a textbook - making the connection between school and the world of work.

For more information about Young Enterprise’s programmes and work, see www.young-enterprise.org.uk