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Archive Posts tagged 'financial education'

With financial education help, young people can understand the housing market, and make informed choices

I have worked in property for a long time now and have spent much of that time trying to make sure young people understand the realities of the housing market. When you compare ‘average house prices’ versus ‘average wages’, getting on the property ladder seems like an impossible task. However, if everyone, and young people in particular, are educated as to the financials of housing, buying and renting isn’t quite as ‘out of reach’ as we are often led to believe.

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Kate Faulkner About this blogger

Centres of Excellence programme - 4 years on

Here we are, 4 years into the Centres of Excellence programme – I have to be honest there have been some challenges (the constant changes happening within the national curriculum and the ever increasing work load for teachers) but I’m pleased to say there have been many, many positive highlights.

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Sally Thomas About this blogger

'Can delivering maths in a financial context improve student attainment?'

How would you cope if asked to actually explain the workings of your gas or electricity bills? Is the reason we don’t check the accuracy of the value of these bills because we trust the utility companies so implicitly that it is not required or that in reality the bills are too confusing for most of us to be able to check?

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Russell Winnard About this blogger

pfeg and Young Enterprise now operating under one roof and with one goal.

The merger of pfeg into Young Enterprise on the 1 September was the start - and not the beginning - of the journey in the process to create the UK's leading enterprise and financial education charity. An important milestone was reached at the end of October, when we packed up the office in Bonhill St and moved into Young Enterprise's offices about a mile away in Sekforde St. Now the crates are unpacked, desks sorted and IT systems up and running, we can focus on the task of developing a long-term, sustainable skills strategy that is founded on enterprise and financial education - one that works for teachers, college tutors, youth workers, employers and young people.

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Bringing Up Britain: Our financial education tips for parents and carers

Tonight I will be on the latest edition of Bringing Up Britain (Radio 4, 8pm), joining Mariella Frostrup and a panel of academics to discuss parenting and money matters. Parents have a key role to play in helping children learn about money, and with changes to the National Curriculum for England on the way later this year, financial education at home has never been more important.

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