Welcome to our new website!

pfeg is pleased to launch its new look website, which aims to bring all of our content and resource under one roof and be your one port of call for finance education.

The site has an important part to play for teachers – some of whom may be completely new to finance education, some who are more experienced.

We have also boosted our content on pfeg’s campaigning and policy work to better reflect this side of our work.

A few features of the new site:

  • 4 new short, engaging & inspiring videos which take you through:
  1. What is finance education and why it’s important
  2. Where it fits into the curriculum
  3. How to get started with teaching finance education
  4. How pfeg can help you!
  • 151 finance education resources, case studies, lesson plans, activities – 96 of which are produced by pfeg and 47 of which are Quality Mark resources
  • 19 resources to order online from pfeg, all free of charge
  • We ask for a few details when downloading resources on the site – this is to keep us informed with who is using our resources so that we can better support teachers, and help us to gain further funding for our work
  • A much improved site search, pointing you in the direction of relevant teaching resources and other content
  • A new area on Policy and Campaigning, which showcases our valuable work in this area and keeps you up to date with the latest policy updates
  • The ability to see how many people found a resource useful, and read other teachers' comments about resources
  • A fantastic mobile version of the site so you can browse it when out and about!

If you would like a hand using the new site, please give us a call on 020 7330 9470.

If you any comments or feedback, please contact anna.foster@pfeg.org.