Centres of Excellence

We have already had considerable success in impacting young peoples' confidence and skills in managing money. Now we are partnering with a range of businesses to transform even more schools into Centres of Excellence; our beacons of good practice for financial education. 

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The project
January 2012 to January 2019
Project brief: 
To transform schools or clusters of schools into Centres of Excellence - schools who can evidence best practise of delivering practical, effective and sustainable financial education for their young people.
The funding
Funder brief: 
We are working in partnership with a range of funders to increase the number of schools attaining the Centre of Excellence award across the country. We are appealing for further funding of £18,000 per school or cluster of schools to work intensively and effectively to turn each into a Centre of Excellence.

What is a Centre of Excellence?

A Centre of Excellence is a school or a cluster of schools that has embraced finance education, teaching it across all key stages and disseminating it in the local community.  

With guidance from a financial education consultant, schools develop a whole school improvement framework - a set of national professional standards through which excellence in financial education is achievable and exemplary. Creating engaging and inspiring learning programmes, alongside comprehensive staff development and training.

Young people are placed firmly at the heart of the programme - their needs and interests drive and underpin the teaching of high quality financial education. This results in young people leaving school with knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to make informed and independent financial decisions.

We work in partnership with organisations to support schools achieving Centre of Excellence on a local or regional basis.

What work is happening already?

There are over 100 Centres of Excellence, along with many more schools who are currently working towards becoming one. Find out more about the criteria and what is involved, as well as a list of Centres, in our Services section.

How can your business benefit from a partnership with Young Money (formerly pfeg)?

We are currently seeking further funders to work with us to create more Centres of Excellence. Elevating a school or cluster of schools to Centre of Excellence status in financial education will benefit your business by:

  • Making a major contribution to the financial wellbeing of the nation by creating confident and knowledgeable young people equipped to operate in society
  • Fulfill your obligation as a socially responsible business
  • Develop an affiliation with the schools, where possible in the region of your choice
  • Create a school-business relationship with opportunities for staff volunteering and teacher mentoring
  • Onsite school recognition of business partnership as well as local media opportunities

Good financial education has never been more crucial. We need to partner with your business to make this happen. To discuss this opportunity please contact Anita O'Hara on 0207 0780735 or anita.ohara@y-e.org.uk