Financial Education Textbook

Thanks to very generous support from Martin Lewis OBE we are currently developing the very first financial education textbook "Your Money Matters" for secondary schools.

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The project
November 2017 to December 2018
Project brief: 
Your Money Matters, funded by a £200,000 pledge from Martin Lewis OBE, founder of, will mean half a million curriculum mapped textbooks will be sent to all state English secondary schools in 2018 - 2019. It will include information, activities and case studies relating to issues such as saving and spending, borrowing, risk and reward, future planning and protection from fraud and identity theft.
The funding
Funder brief: 
Martin Lewis OBE strongly supported Young Money for a number of years as part of his relentless work to ensure young people improve their financial capability and develop knowledge of issues that could affect their financial wellbeing throughout their lives. He has provided significant funding towards financial education programmes across the UK, and thanks to Martin, thousands of young people are leaving school as informed consumers and with a thorough understanding of personal finance, credit and debt, saving wisely, making investments and how to budget.

Despite being on the secondary national curriculum, financial education is only taken up by 40% of secondary schools with many teachers just not confident in teaching financial education as well as the challenges of embedding a consistent provision within school. The development and distribution of this Textbook is a major step forward in achieving a degree of consistency to the financial education young people receive within secondary schools by providing teachers with access to a high quality free standardised teaching resource to support and enhance financial education delivery.

This is a truly exciting opportunity to enable more secondary schools to embed financial education to young people using real and relevant contexts, delivered by confident teachers, and done so in a way which ensures financial education is delivered to every cohort of young people which go through the school. 

Content for the Textbook is currently in development, and we have consulted with teachers and students throughout the process to ensure that we are creating a relevant, engaging and useful resource.

What will Your Money Matters cover?

A natural extension to the Financial Education Planning Frameworks the student facing Textbook will cover key financial topics including saving, insurance, debt, fraud and identity theft and planning for the future.

To provide additional support to teachers we are also developing a Teacher Guide which will highlight areas of good practice, provide examples of curriculum integration and showcase additional external support which schools could use to enrich their financial education provision. 

Is Your Money Matters subject specific?

The Textbook is being designed for cross curricular use, and the Teacher Guide will outline how the financial topics can be used within different subjects including maths, citizenship and PHSEE.

When will Your Money Matters be available and how will schools access it?

Around 500,000 hard copies of the Textbook and Teacher Guide will be issued free of charge to all English secondary state schools in the 18/19 Autumn term.

A downloadable version will also be made available on the Young Money website.

What is available in the meantime?

Visit the resources section to access a range of financial education teaching resources and materials, or contact the Advisory Service for free practical advice and guidance on financial education. You could also look to prepare your teachers for the implementation of the Textbook by attending one of our Regional CPD Training Events