Let’s Get Functional - money as a context in functional skills

With the teaching of functional skills high on the agenda of most secondary schools and colleges ‘ Let’s Get Functional’ was created by a set of pfeg consultants in response to requests by teachers who were looking for a set of engaging and relevant resources that would help pupils learn and practice functional skills in mathematics, English and ICT in the real life context of personal finance.

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The project
June 2010 to May 2011
Project brief: 
The Lets Get Functional project was aimed at supporting those teachers who teach functional skills or are involved in cross subject vocational learning or the teaching of Diplomas. The resource was designed so that it could also be used by individual subject teachers as well as through cross curricular teaching and contains three different scenarios.
The funding
Funded by: 
Funder brief: 
The Money Advice Service (MAS) - formerly the Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB) - approached pfeg to develop a project that would build on the work that it had previously funded in secondary schools. The project was designed to work with teachers working with young people aged 14-18 at level 1 and level 2 in functional skills.

Let’s Get Functional brought personal finance to life through English, mathematics and Information Communication and Technology (ICT). It used motivating real-life contexts, complete with fully curriculum-linked activities to enable students to build functional skills.

The resource was divided into three contexts:
• What went wrong with the prom?
• Visitors from overseas
• Insurance – who needs it?

The activities were intended for pupils working at either level 1 or level 2. The large majority of the resources are common to both levels, with guidance given about how to engage with the material at the different levels.

The authors of the resource have provided short video clips to highlight its main features and help teachers quickly get a grip on the materials provided. Watch these clips online from the link on the resource home page to get a quick introduction to how the resource is structured and referenced, what is in it and ideas for assessment.

Visit the Let's Get Functional resource page.