Money on our Minds - a student consultation project

Money on our Minds was a student consultation on financial capability in PSHE education. Its aims were to show the importance of pupil voice in improving the quality of personal finance education.

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The project
March 2009 to March 2010
Project brief: 
Five consultation events were held across the South East, using varying techniques, with the aim of: identifying what young people aged 11 to 17 were interested in and concerned about in relation to money; establishing their views on current provision in secondary schools, and how they would like it to improve; informing the delivery of personal finance education in secondary schools; developing and testing ways of consulting with young people on financial capability, particularly within PSHE education.
The funding
Funded by: 
Funder brief: 
Healthy Schools South East view education as central to achieving physical and emotional health and, as these are so inextricably linked to financial capability, a partnership was formed with pfeg to ensure that financial education was given a significant place in the school curriculum.

"97% of young people involved in Money on our Minds thought it was important to learn about money at school"

Children and young people experience money from a very early age, from receiving pocket money to saving for a special treat. As they grow older, the financial decisions they have to make become increasingly complex.

Responding to students’ needs is vital to effective programmes of study. In 2009/10 pfeg South East and Healthy Schools South East decided it was time to get the ball rolling, by consulting with young people in ways that could be replicated across the country.

We asked 11 -17 year-olds in the region what money means to them, and how they want to learn about it, particularly in PSHE education.

Their responses left us in no doubt as to how they feel about money and what they need from money education. Listening to students is crucial if we’re going to make finance education successful in schools and acting on it will ensure finance lessons are relevant, dynamic and of real use to tomorrow’s generation.

Find out more

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  • Watch 8 short film clips where pupils who took part in the project talk candidly about their experiences of money, personal finance education in schools and how it can be improved.