We are delighted to have teamed up with Nationwide Building Society to embark on a two year project working with primary school teachers to champion financial education within their schools.

The project will identify a primary lead teacher in each school to receive training and support over the academic year to embed a greater financial context into relevant areas of their mathematics curriculum.

The aim of the project is to increase the mathematical attainment and engagement of primary pupils through delivering mathematics in a greater financial context.  A total of 19 lead teachers at 19 primary schools will receive full training and support.

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The project
September 2015 to September 2017
Project brief: 
Money-Matics is an innovative programme for primary level mathematics teachers looking to enhance the engagement and attainment of young people in mathematics, using personal finance as a context to learning.
The funding
Funder brief: 
Nationwide has been providing free financial education for a number of years through a range of programmes including Nationwide Education which provides interactive educational tools to help children and young people to develop important life skills.

With the support of Nationwide, we will be delivering the Money-Matics Primary Lead Teachers programme running up to September 2017.

The project is a fantastic opportunity for primary school teachers to receive comprehensive training and support in how to develop financial education within their school, creating positive attitudes towards money early on in life, and providing a wider context to the learning and relevance of mathematics.

The first year of the project is now complete, with 12 teachers from primary schools in London involved, and we are now working with 6 primary schools in Swindon. Selected lead teachers took part in a training day, bringing together all those involved, and sharing aims and approaches. They also had the support of an education consultant, and together they worked to embed a greater financial context into areas of the curriculum, devise and lessons and resources, monitor and evaluate impact on pupils, and maximise opportunities to share best practice with other schools.

The aims of the project are to:

  • Increase the mathematical attainment of primary aged pupils
  • Increase the engagement of pupils in mathematics
  • Develop the key financial capability skills of all pupils involved
  • Increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of primary maths teachers in delivering mathematics
  • Share the learning experiences and good practice of the Lead Teachers with over 240 further teachers
  • Reach 600 young people directly through the project, but achieve a wider reach of 9,600 young people through project dissemination