My Money Week

My Money Week is a national activity week for primary and secondary schools that provides a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence in money matters to thrive in our society. It is the highest profile, and most recognised personal finance education initiative in England.  June 2016 saw the 8th annual My Money Week take place in schools across the country.

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The project
July 2013 to July 2018
Project brief: 
The aims of this project are to provide creative, engaging resources and ideas about how to teach finance education to 4-19 year olds; increase the quality and quantity of finance education by capturing the imagination of teachers new to the subject, and providing new materials and extension ideas to those already doing it; increase the confidence of teachers; increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of young people; raise awareness and highlight the importance of this subject to schools, young people, the wider community and government.
The funding
Funder brief: 
Martin Lewis strongly supported pfeg and, following its merger with Young Enterprise in 2014, he has continued his support as part of his relentless work to ensure young people improve their financial capability and develop knowledge of issues that could affect their financial wellbeing throughout their lives. Martin has provided significant funding towards Young Enterprise financial education programmes across the UK particularly focusing on MyMoneyWeek and Centres of Excellence. Thanks to Martin, thousands of young people are leaving school as informed consumers and with a thorough understanding of personal finance, credit and debt, saving wisely, making investments and how to budget.

For the last eight years pfeg has run this highly successful programme, reaching over 2.5 million young people - and we know it works, because 99% of teachers have said that their students showed an increase in knowledge and skills as a result of using our My Money Week resources.

Its fundamental aim is to improve financial capability for young people in primary and secondary schools. It’s all about teachers inspiring young people to be financially literate with the help of a host of free pfeg resources and support, and although lots of the events are held in My Money Week, the support and resources we offer encourage future plans, wider dissemination and embedding into schools’ curriculums. As with all pfeg initiatives, the Week is designed to be flexible and adaptable so that activities can be changed to meet the needs of individual schools.

Hundreds of thousands of young people up and down the country get involved in the run up to, and during the Week and there is a huge variety of activities and projects that take place:

  • Schools have had fashion shows, fetes, gardening projects, debates, young peoples’ parliaments, peer mentoring projects, community economy projects and used maths, English, drama, PSHE Education, citizenship, enterprise and geography to deliver excellent financial education. 

To find out more visit our dedicated My Money Week microsite. All resources are available for use beyond the Week itself.

You can also read about past My Money Weeks and see all the great work that goes on!