pfeg Volunteer Network

The pfeg Volunteer Network brought the expertise of people working in the financial sector directly into the classroom to benefit young people in schools and education environments.

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The project
March 2006 to June 2015
Project brief: 
This project provided a flexible training programme for volunteers; targeted marketing to schools, and school opportunities were advertised to volunteers. There was access to pfeg education consultants and to materials that fit the needs of the school; ongoing advice and support, before, during and after volunteering, including following up after volunteering had taken place, and evaluation; and an effective and bespoke volunteering service to schools.
The funding
Funded by: 
Funder brief: 
The funders of this project wished to enhance employee engagement and provide an effective service to volunteers, whilst meeting the Service Level Agreement and Key Performance indicators set for the project.

The programme was started in 2006 by pfeg and ICAEW in order to explore how volunteers with a finance background could work alongside teachers to enhance their personal finance education.

ICAEW were joined by organisations like Prudential and their members and employees to volunteer in schools, helping to deliver long lasting benefits to young people.

How it worked

pfeg matched schools who wanted input from financial experts, with volunteers local to them. The programme was facilitated by pfeg from start to finish, from processing volunteer CRB checks, training, targeted marketing to schools local to volunteers, providing ongoing advice and guidance and materials and gathering evaluation.

Schools requested volunteers through pfeg, and then these opportunities were advertised to appropriate volunteers. Once a 'match' was made, the teacher and volunteer work together to plan and deliver lessons or events to pupils.