What Money Means in Action - a film

What Money Means in Action captures real-life footage to demonstrate what teaching children about money is like in primary schools and to inspire and support teachers in developing their personal finance education lessons and activities.

The film highlights some of the lively and creative classroom practice developed through the What Money Means project and across the curriculum including PSHE, mathematics and literacy. The film may be used for continuing professional development (CPD) by teachers, schools and local authorities.



What Money Means in Action: extras

Planning and preparation - Teachers and practitioners talking about how they planned to embed personal finance education within the curriculum. Jo Waters, Teacher, Aragon Primary School: “Our aim when we took on this pilot was to really embed it in the curriculum so it wasn’t an additional activity that we had to undertake.”



In the classroom - Teachers and practitioners talking about the experience of teaching about money in primary schools. Laura Johnston, Teacher, Lancaster Road Primary School: “No matter what I tell them, if they actually do it for themselves, they’ll be getting a lot more out of it and it amazes me.”



Learning outcomes - Teachers and practitioners sharing learning outcomes for children. Jo Waters, Teacher, Aragon Primary School: “One area that’s really improved is their understanding and attainment in maths in particular."



Next steps - ideas from teachers about where they want to take personal finance education in their primary schools next. Jacqui Rice, Teacher, Luckwell Primary School: “The idea is towards the end of the term for the children in year 6 to go and teach the reception and year 1 children on their level.”



A hard copy DVD - a DVD with all of the What Money Means in Action film is included in our Learning About Money resource. Read about our What Money Means project, under which these films were produced.