Financial Education Planning Framework: 3-11 years

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This framework aims to support the planning, teaching, and progression of financial education by setting out the key areas of financial knowledge, skills and attitudes, across four core themes: - how to manage money - becoming a critical consumer - managing risks and emotions associated with money - understanding the important role money plays in our lives.



The framework is designed to help you deliver financial education flexibly across the range of subjects and learning opportunities available within your school’s curriculum. It is not intended to be used rigidly. You may need to draw on ideas from other ages depending on the needs of your pupils.

The frameworks have recently been updated (Summer 2017) to ensure that they remain up to date and relevant for your students!

If you'd like to let us know your thoughts about the new Framework please complete this short survey.

It can be used in a number of ways, for example to:
• gauge students’ starting points for financial education;
• identify learning outcomes for lessons and schemes of work;
• map existing provision and identify gaps;
• plan for progression between ages and key stages.

Read more subject-specific advice and guidance about how to deliver the financial aspects of mathematics, citizenship and PSHE education in the Planning and Teaching section of this site. 

A framework for 11-19 years is also available.

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3 years
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11 years
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