Fun to Save

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Produced by
D2 Digital and Association of Financial Mutuals
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Fun to Save is a free website that teaches children aged 5 – 7 years the core principles of money and the benefits of saving money.



A free website for Key Stage 1 that encourages children to save points as they play fun games solving money related problems. Fun to Save teaches children aged 5 – 7 years the core principles of money and the benefits of saving. This is a perfect resource for engaging the whole class on the interactive whiteboard but can equally be used individually or in groups on single computers. There will be lots of discussion opportunities throughout and every activity is split into 3 levels to cater for all abilities. In addition each has an accompanying lesson plan.

Minimum age: 
5 years
Maximum age: 
7 years
Special education needs: 

The games are very visual and require very little reading.  As such, they are eminently suitable for sen students.  Support activities based on resource cards that can be printed out and laminated e.g. different denominations of coins) are also available. Differentiation is aided by the fact that all the game activities are split into 3 levels of difficulty, so students can choose their preferred level and then change to another level, if necessary.  There is also a button to click for Professor Penny who gives assistance on how to play the games.

Gifted and talented: 

Games could be used in a competitive way to challenge gifted and talented students.

Comments & reviews
Quality Mark assessors comments: 

A truly comprehensive resource for KS1 teachers that will keep the children occupied and learning for hours.  The activity is well differentiated with three levels at which the children can play at. Children will have fun playing the online games and collecting points, which they can then decide whether to spend or save.  The discussion which will ensue from these activities will really get the children thinking about the benefits of saving. Much of the fun comes from choosing a character and playing that character and embarking on the games as that character. There is so much back-up material to the resource including downloadable work-cards, suggestions for further work and ideas for trips and extra activities. All of the activities are cross-linked to the national curriculum in the areas of PSHE, ICT and Mathematics.  There are also lots of opportunities to use the resource as part of the Curriculum for Excellence in Scottish Education. As an exponent of personal financial education in primary schools, I think this resource is brilliant.  In actually enjoyed the challenge of the games myself.   An attractive, differentiated simple-to-use resource that should motivate children to improve their coin recognition skills and help them with money calculations. Children should be able to work independently around this site to reinforce concepts that have already been taught in class. There are useful guidance notes for both teachers and parents which can be used independently from the website.

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