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Produced by
Royal Bank of Scotland Group / NatWest
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An impartial financial education resource for 5–18 year-olds created in collaboration with educational experts, and based on pfeg's financial education planning frameworks. The resource builds on the success of the previous Money Sense resource operating across all four key stages.



There are over 30 sets of resources – all of which have direct links to the curriculum for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The lesson plans include suggestions and activities for more able students and can be adapted. There are four topics which have been adapted for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Topics available online are:

Ages 5 -8
My Money Management:
• What coins and notes do we use? – includes SEND resources
• What are needs and wants?
• How can I keep track of my money?

My Money Safety:
• Where can I keep my money safe?
• Why is it important to save money?

Money in the World:
• Where does money come from?

Ages 8-12
My Money Management:
• How can I pay for things?  – includes SEND resources
• How do I plan a simple budget?
• What affects my choices about money?
• How does money affect my feelings?

My Money Safety:
• How can I use a bank account?
• How can I keep my money safe?

Money in the World:
• Raising money for charity
• What are the links between jobs and money? – includes SEND resources
• How do I understand information about money from around the world?

Ages 12-16
My Money Management:
• How can I understand credit and debt?
• How do I stay in control of my money?
• How can money affect my mental wellbeing?

My Money Safety:
• How do I keep my finances secure? – includes SEND resources
• What are my consumer rights?

Money in the World:
• Designing an app
• How do I understand payslips and deductions?

My Money Future:
• How can I plan for my retirement?
• When might I need insurance?

Ages 16 – 18
My Money Management:
• When might I need to borrow money?
• How do I choose financial products and services?
• How can money affect my mental wellbeing?

My Money Safety:
• How can I avoid identity theft and fraud?
• How can I plan for the unexpected?
• How can I understand financial risks and rewards?

Money in the World:
• Enterprise: Starting a business
• How will my education and job choices affect my finances?

My Money Future:
• Where can I get financial guidance?

Minimum age: 
5 years
Maximum age: 
18 years
Gifted and talented: 

The teachers notes include suggestions and activities for more able students.

Planning frameworks
Shown below is how this resource maps against the PFEG Financial Education Planning Frameworks.
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