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Spending Sense cover

A flexible resource aimed at supporting students with moderate Special Educational Needs at age 11-16. The resource aims to develop their understanding of buying and selling, sources of income and problem solving money issues.



This is an essential resource as it is specifically designed to ensure that pupils with moderate special educational needs are given the opportunity to develop financial capability.

Through practical activities and a use of simplified text this resource covers a wide range of financial topics, including some that should be an essential part of any pupil's education – namely the dangers of gambling, scams and signing contracts. 

This resource has been fully updated April 2013, and is now mapped to pfeg's Secondary Planning Framework. 

A Welsh version of this resource is available on the Welsh Financial Education Microsite. 

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Minimum age: 
11 years
Maximum age: 
16 years
Special education needs: 

Resource specifically aimed at children with moderate learning difficulties. Use of visual/practical/group/game activities use of simple language/provision of glossary of terms. Word versions can be modified to suit children with severe learning difficulties.

Planning frameworks
Shown below is how this resource maps against the PFEG Financial Education Planning Frameworks.
Comments & reviews
Quality Mark assessors comments: 

A lively and stimulating resource which provides a multitude of ideas for teachers to explore financial issues with children with moderate learning difficulties. The resource provides a pick and mix’ active approach which should motivate both pupils and staff. There are opportunities for teachers to guide pupils through some quite difficult concepts and understandings. There are also many opportunities for pupils to work independently towards individual outcomes. Financial terms are thoroughly clarified in the extensive glossary.  


Spending Sense

Spending Sense has been very well received in schools and had positive reviews from curriculum advisors and Ofsted inspectors. Relevant and engaging topics and resources that can be adapted and delivered to a wide range of abilities and learning styles.

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