Centres of Excellence

The Centres of Excellence programme recognises and rewards schools who are committing to, developing and continuing excellence in financial education in their own school and beyond.


What is a Centre of Excellence?

The aim of the Centres of Excellence programme is to support practical, effective and sustainable financial education for your young people in your school.

We do this by providing a whole school improvement framework - a set of national professional standards through which excellence in financial education is achievable and exemplary. We will help you develop engaging and inspiring learning programmes, alongside comprehensive staff development and training.

Young people are placed firmly at the heart of the programme - their needs and interests drive and underpin the teaching of high quality financial education.

The Centres of Excellence programme has been running for 4 years and has reached a poignant milestone with Wargrave House School and College becoming the 100th Centre of Excellence. Find out more

Centres of Excellence Conference

We host a national conference every year, which is free to attend, and forms an integral part of the Centres of Excellence programme. This provides the perfect opportunity for teachers and practitioners to showcase their work, share ideas, attend workshops and access a large range of financial education related resources and tools. We also have special guest speakers attending each year and unmissable networking prospects. To find out more contact us at [email protected] 

What does a Centre of Excellence look like?

All Centres of Excellence have the following in common:

  • Senior leadership commitment – the management of financial education is fully supported by the school's senior leadership team
  • A champion – a key teacher with day-to-day responsibility for planning and driving quality finance education
  • A cohesive teaching and learning programme – a well planned and high quality provision of financial education, delivered within all key stages
  • Effective learning and assessment approaches – trained teachers who can motivate, challenge and assess pupils’ learning
  • Pupil involvement – young people inform and drive the development of their learning
  • Community engagement – links to other organisations locally and a willingness to use financial sector volunteers to add value
  • Dissemination and sustainability – the ability to operate independently of our support and the enthusiasm to showcase and disseminate work to inspire other local schools/colleges

For more info download our Centres of Excellence - Step by Step Guide

Read more about our 2016 Centres of Excellence National Conference

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What does working with Young Money to become a Centre of Excellence mean for your school?

Schools selected to take part in this programme enjoy a wealth of benefits, all of which are provided free at the point of delivery thanks to funding from our corporate partners;

  • Support from an experienced education consultant, providing expert guidance in financial education - including subject leadership, whole school curriculum guidance, teaching and learning development and review
  • Improved learning experiences and outcomes for young people, driven by their needs and priorities
  • £1,500 bursary for high quality resources and staff training supply cover
  • A comprehensive professional development programme for the financial education champion
  • Invaluable evidence of Continuing Professional Development for whole school improvement
  • Closer links with financial sector volunteers and local organisations that can help pupils connect financial education in the classroom with life outside
  • Recognition of excellent provision for, and achievement in, financial education
  • The opportunity to support Young Money (formerly pfeg) in influencing national policy and driving up national standards and outcomes in financial education

How can my school become a Centre of Excellence?

Schools that put themselves forward for this award will work on demonstrating how the features of a Centre of Excellence are being met and evidenced in line with a structured set of criteria (download the criteria). You will be allocated an education consultant to guide you through this process.

It is expected that most schools would take up to two terms to reach the expected level, but this varies from school to school.

Once completed, the education consultant will submit a report and recommend that the school has met the criteria. An independent panel will meet to decide if there is enough quality evidence to make the award.

To find out more, please download this Centre of Excellence - Step by Step Guide. To apply to be a Centre of Excellence school, please email [email protected] or call the office at 0207 330 9470.

The benefits of Centre of Excellence status

Any process of curriculum development is beneficial to a school. The time devoted to identifying cross-curricular links, building up expertise and resources and generating confident and competent teachers is never wasted. It is crucial that learners develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to money in order to equip them for life. 

Maintaining Centre of Excellence status

The awarding of Centre of Excellence status will be valid for a period of three years - beyond that there is the potential for a Centre to reapply and to be revalidated. A review will be offered 18 months after awarding to ensure schools are either improving or maintaining their commitment to financial education. 

Funding a Centre of Excellence

We are looking for organisations to work in partnership with to help local or regional schools achieve Centre of Excellence status. Read more on our Funding Opportunities page.

“Just wanted to say thank you and congratulations on organising yesterday's conference.  As always I've come back to school buzzing with ideas!” - Nicky, Aintree, Davenhill Primary School

“I just wanted to say thank you for today and especially the SEN workshop Polly ran. I’ve attended many SEN workshops and todays has been one of the most useful. It was wonderful to hear about the amazing work going on in other schools. I came away feeling galvanised to put in place some of the wonderful ideas I’d heard about.”  – Henrietta, Valence School

“Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the way that you organised yesterdays conference. I was so glad that I decided to attend. Found the sessions really useful.” - Nicola, Sandwell School