CPD Training- Money Maths

Contextualising financial education through the primary maths curriculum

We know that children learn best when they can make real and relevant associations between their learning and the world around them. Money is a great context in which to make these associations within maths. Questions using money as a context are common with SATs papers, and it is often the context, rather than the maths, which can make these challenging for pupils. This session explores ways of using greater financial contexts within maths teaching and learning to enhance engagement and attainment. Attendees at this session will also be provided with a copy of our Maths Matters teaching resource

These sessions aim to enable primary teachers to use money related contexts to enhance pupils’ engagement and attainment in maths through:

  • Exploring ways in which money and finance can complement the primary school maths curriculum
  • Understanding the impact that delivering primary maths in a greater financial context can have on attainment and engagement of pupils
  • Developing awareness of key tools and resources to support the development and delivery of money contexts within maths
  • Considering how the these can be applied to own professional context
  • Knowing where to find further support and resources

Dates, Locations and Bookings

Birmingham, 11th May 2018, further information and bookings here

Cambridge, 16th May 2018, further information and bookings here

Liverpool, 7th June 2018, further information and bookings here

Cardiff, 19th June 2018, further information and bookings here

Bristol, 6th July 2018, further information and bookings here

The cost of a place on any of these training sessions is £80