CPD Training- Money Matters, Primary

Delivering effective and engaging financial education within the primary curriculum

Children have been shown to begin learning around money from as young as age three, with attitudes and behaviours around money forming by age seven. These early formative years are so important in a child’s development, and beginning to develop those crucial skills, knowledge and attitudes in relation to money are a key part of this.This training session will provide teachers with the very latest research and good practice in developing financial education for primary aged children, whilst also sharing high quality tools, resources and further support. 

These sessions aim to provide primary teachers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver high quality, relevant and engaging financial education to their pupils through:

  • Appreciating how financial education can be made real and relevant to the young people you work with
  • Understanding where financial education most effectively fits within the primary curriculum
  • Increasing awareness of key tools to assist in the development of financial education in your context
  • Knowing where to find further support and resources to aid financial education delivery

Dates, Locations and Booking: 

Cardiff, 18th June 2018, further details and bookings here

The cost of a place on any of these training sessions is £80