Sharing our expertise

Young Money can supply speakers on how children and young people learn about money, help journalists and broadcasters tell the story, and provide customised consultancy and training.

Young Money is part of Young Enterprise, and together we are the UK’s leading charity that empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills. With over 15 years of expertise in financial education, we can help in a variety of ways:

Speakers at UK events

We can provide speakers in the UK at national and regional conferences – issues covered in the past include:

  • Working in partnership to tackle financial exclusion and increase financial capability
  • Pocket money to pensions: helping young people become financially capable
  • Developing economic well being and financial capability
  • Central banking seminar – financial education in schools
  • Money on our minds – students’ views of personal finance education
  • Personal finance education – a whole school approach
  • Working with financial sector volunteers to enrich personal finance education
  • Developing financial capability within PSHE Education, maths, citizenship, enterprise, business studies, careers
  • Integrating personal finance education into primary topics and projects
  • Active learning strategies to make personal finance education engaging for pupils and teachers
  • Assessing personal finance education
  • The price of parenting – personal finance and sex and relationships education
  • Personal finance education linked to healthy eating
  • Financial inclusion and the role of personal finance education

International conferences

In the past we have shared our expertise abroad - countries which we have provided speakers and consultancy for the in past include: 

  • New Zealand – getting financial education into schools
  • Poland- financial education into schools and a teacher workshop
  • Bangalore – workshop on financial capability
  • Brazil – investing in the future: financial education in UK schools
  • Brussels – European Credit Research Institute: Insights from the consumers’ perspective
  • India – OECD Financial education in schools
  • Turkey - Learning from the UK experience
  • Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda - curriculum development 


We can assist in explaining financial education for press and journalists - for media enquiries please visit our Media Centre.

Here to help

One of Young Money's values is to make life as easy as possible for those with an interest in promoting financial education. That means we demystify the jargon, provide relevant and practical examples and can make trained staff available to bring personal finance education alive.