Support and online training for primary teachers

The reach of the What Money Means programme, supported by HSBC, has been extended to support newly and recently qualified primary teachers, as well as those new to financial education, by making use of the resources and materials developed during the programme to deliver training events and develop a series of short videos to equip new teachers to deliver financial education

Online training videos

We have developed a series of online training videos to support Primary School teachers. Three of these videos give demonstrations on how to deliver classroom activities to your pupils, all of which can be found in the Learning About Money in the Primary Classroom Resource Pack. There are also further videos exploring assessment ideas, and practical uses of the Primary Planning Framework in the classroom.

Primary Assessment Ideas - This video explores some of the ways you can assess the financial education activities you deliver, and how you can use this to amend your financial education provision.



The £20 Note Activity - this activity considers the value of money by looking at increasing amounts of money and what could realistically be bought with them.


The Treasure Trove - this activity explores the value that children place on the things around them, and that these may be different for different people.


Jobs and Salaries - this activity is based around a set of different job roles, and involves the pupils ordering them according to their importance in society and then how much they think they earn.


Practical Uses of the Primary Planning Framework - this video explores some of the practical ways you could use the planning framework to plan, deliver and develop financial education within your school.



If you'd like any further advice and support for teaching financial education, remember you can ASKpfeg for free!